Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets and More

English • Español • Français

An “a, b, c” introduction to English, Spanish, and French. Readers will learn to identify familiar foods, animals and objects in all three languages. Knowing more than one language enriches vocabulary, improves academic performance, and enhances future work options.

Children, Educational
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Moonbeam Children's Book Awards


“Tri-Alphabets and More  is a wonderful introduction to foreign languages for children. Dr. Little clearly recognizes the vast opportunities resulting from multilingualism, and in the form of this book has created a tool that is both engaging and educational. As an educator, the layout of the book makes it extremely functional for individual and whole group work. TRÈS IMPRESSIONNANT!

Franco Curet, Bilingual Kindergarten Teacher

Dr. Little’s book is perfectly structured to help children learn new words in different languages. Her word choices are both educational and fun. A great choice for any child, regardless of their first language!

Michelle Beebower, Youth Librarian

Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets & More is a cheerful, pictorial, and innovative introduction to the ABC’s that outlines French and Spanish translations for each letter of the alphabet. This book creatively promotes the multi-language/multi-cultural society we are becoming. Great for the home or classroom. It provides us with a wonderful opportunity for young children to “play” with language – thus helping to develop a foundation for sound literacy skills!

Gloria I. Johnson, MSW, Clinical Social Work, MAT

The book is great. The pictures are clear and colorful. This concept is easy for parents to work with their children as well as educators. The earlier a child realize that there are other cultures and other languages, the sooner they will develop a world connection. GREAT JOB

Catherine Moore M.A., Educational Consultant, Head Start

Dr. Little’s Tri-Alphabets and more is an effective way to teach your child about the alphabets in three different languages.

"The pictures are simple, bold and colorful. It will help your child learn how to identify letters, colors, numbers, days and months not only in English but in Spanish and French.

For example the word Apple in Spanish is la manzana and in French is it la pomme.

Dr Little added more pictures and words for the letter A. A for Ape, el momo and le singe and A for Arm, el brazo and le bras. B for banana, el platano and labanane. B for bear, el oso and l’ours. This book will grab your child’s attention. Just imagine your child learning words in Spanish and French. I would recommend this book for early learning."

Ella Johnson, Mymcbooks